Removing Private Information from Your PC

Windows is storing virtually everything you do on your computer. Every web site that you visit, every document that you open is being stored in a humongous archive somewhere on your PC.
Free Privacy Scan

Introducing PC Magnum-Automatic Privacy ProtectionPC Magnum by PC Pitstop is a unique privacy product that automatically removes potentially embarrassing and private information from your computer, allowing you to control what others may learn about you if your PC is accessed without your knowledge.

How does PC Magnum help protect your privacy?

  • Removes tracking cookies inserted by websites you have visited.
  • Empties your recycle bin if you forgot to empty it manually.
  • Deletes browsing history in Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.
  • Keeps your document history private.
  • Deletes images left behind in your browsers.
  • Removes all references to Facebook images on your PC.