How to Select an Optimal Remote Access Software: RemoteUtilities Review

Whether you’re a business owner, a system administrator of a corporate network or just a regular computer user, remote control software may come in handy. As for me, remote access programs are the very definition of innovation, as they open doors for better cooperation, instant and hassle-free remote troubleshooting, as well as high quality remote technical support.

How to Select an Optimal Remote Access Software?

It’s obvious that remote control software is very advantageous both for business and personal purposes. But since the remote access software market is highly saturated with different solutions, selecting the one that will work best for you can be a tough task. Furthermore, it can be risky.

For instance, in case you opt for a free remote access software, it may appear that the program doesn’t use any encryption methods. In this case you risk losing your/your clients’ or colleagues’ valuable data. Therefore, when it comes to remote access, it’s always highly advisable to select the most reliable solutions. You should never skimp on this kind of software.

What Is RemoteUtilities?

Because reviewing numerous remote access programs can be a tedious, time- and energy-consuming task, I’ve decided to present you with a brief overview of a highly-rated, all-in-one remote access software – RemoteUtilities. I’ve selected this particular software provider as it’s suitable both for personal and commercial use, and also offers some of the top-notch features you won’t find elsewhere.

RemoteUtilities is absolutely free for personal use. In case you use it for commercial purposes, you have to buy the program. Good news is that there are no monthly fees and extra charges, you pay once to get a lifetime license (by selecting one-time payment option you save a substantial sum of money). So, what do you get with this particular software?

  • Remote access. It allows you to work in 16 different modes (file transfer, text or voice chat, full control, power control and remote task manager).

  • Own server. With RemoteUtilities you can get your own mediation server to be fully independent from the providers’ global servers.

  • Firewall bypass. Get access to a PC located behind a router or a firewall.

  • Remote installation. You can use a built-in remote deployment tool in order to upgrade or install the software on a LAN.

Typical Uses of RemoteUtilities

Although this software is initially developed for IT professionals, it can be also used for personal purposes. Below are a few examples of how you can use RemoteUtilites:

  • Gain remote access to your home network from any place in the world – just install the host component of the program on every laptop and PC you’d like to reach remotely. When it’s installed you can access your PCs hassle-free: open, edit and remove your files, listen to your music, watch videos and also help your family members.

  • Manage a corporate network. Perfect solution for system administrators: they can troubleshoot problems directly from their PC, without having to go to the employee’s desk.

  • Performing remote customer support.

You may learn more about the product on the official website