How To Recover Data Files From USB Drive

Suddenly lost your data from your USB flash drive? You might be wondering how to recover deleted files from USB drive. These tips and tricks might come in handy in the future now that using USB storage devices have been a mainstream today. First, one must understand the causes of such incidents. Below are the common causes of losing data or files in a USB drive.

  • Virus Attack
  • Premature removal of the USB storage device when plugged into the computer
  • Accidental deletion of saved files in the USB drive
  • Files are viewed as “raw”
  • Accidentally formatted the USB drive
  • Windows only gives you the option to format the USB drive
  • Electro-static discharge or power surge

All of which are causes of data loss except for cases of physical damage or death of the hardware itself. Fortunately, all is not lost and lost data can still be recovered with the help of a data recovery program. Just like hard drives, deleted data doesn’t automatically vanish in the drive instantly went deleted or misplaced due to a virus attack. There is a great chance that you can still recover data from USB storage device somewhere where it is compressed into a different format that you cannot see in your desktop screen. Storage devices do that to save space as well as to recover data from USB device using a particular software.

How To Recover Data/Files From USB Drive?

There are actually a lot of software you can use to recover data from USB drives. These are actually very simple and easy to use. Take the Wondershare Data Recovery software for example. Simply download the trial version and install in your computer. Before starting an attempt to recover lost data, ensure that you stopped using your USB storage device first. Any activity of reading and writing in the USB drive can overwrite the missing files you are planning to recover. Do not access any of the remaining files especially save new files to your subject USB drive.


Using the program’s interface, it has a very user-friendly step-by-step instruction on how to use it and how to recover your deleted or misplaced files in the USB drive. Simply read and follow the instructions before you go on to the next step. After recovering the data, ensure that you save the recovered data elsewhere and not on the same USB drive. There are chances that it might get lost again due to reoccurrence a virus attack or simply doing the same mistake twice. If you are prone to having data loss in your USB drives, it is highly recommended to backup your data elsewhere aside from your USB drive to avoid unnecessary stress and frustrations over lost files. Hence, now you know what to do in the future in case the same thing happens again.