Recovering From a Compromised Social Media Account

In recent times, social media and social networking sites have evolved in such a way that they have become synonyms of socialization in real life. A significant part of our daily routine and leisure hours are spent on these sites where we not only connect with our friends but they have become more of our alter ego. But the vital difference between these two worlds of online socialization and real socialization is vulnerability of our personal and private information from any odd stranger. In personal life we can keep things private but things changes in online world, as here the privacy is very loose and chances are very high that information will fall into wrong hands. Irrespective of how vigilant you are or how frequently you change your password, hackers can still target you. Moreover, majority of people these days use smartphones to log on to social networking websites, and this makes security even more weak as accounts can be hacked easily by injecting cell phone spy software on the phone through internet.

Keeping that in mind and the problem it creates when an individual’s social networking account is hacked, there are some ways and methods through, which one can recover a compromised social media account.

· Be alert

Whenever you suspect some unusual activity on your social networking page, consult the main source of the link or that particular activity. Many times we click on a given link out of curiosity, in that case when you realize that you have clicked some suspicions link, immediately change the password and delete the web history.

For Facebook, if you are facing difficulties in accessing your account, you may visit and then can reclaim your account. In cases like this it is always preferable to use a different computer to reclaim a compromised account.

If you are on Twitter then you should go to the main source of website from a different computer. In order to rest the password, you should go to log-in menu and then select the option of rest password. After you have followed it, Twitter will send a conformation email on the email address you have mentioned while creating the account. Go through the mail and follow the instructions to reset the password. If the problem persists, you can log on to and file support ticket.

· Be inactive for sometime

In order to avoid further attack from hackers, you must revoke access to all apps and add-ons associated with your account.

· Use antivirus software

Anti-Virus is an important and effective tool for keeping viruses and hackers at bay. So, in case of compromised account, scan your computer and update the anti-virus.

· Get rid of excess information

After securing the account, remove all the contents from the account, which were posted when the account was compromised. By doing this you are not only securing yourself but you will help others too who might click on the malicious links posted.

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