Reasons Why You Should Monitor Your PC While You’re Away

Remote computer monitoring applications let you access a computer’s files and monitor activity from anywhere you can connect to the internet. Such functionality offers a number of obvious advantages, including the ability to manage and operate networks of computers that are stored in separate physical locations, all from a central machine. Many people use this ability to access and use the files/programs on their home computers through smartphones and tablet PCs. Remote monitoring technology has revolutionized convenience and security for people who own and manage multiple computers, letting them use all of their files and monitor all of their computers while travelling. If you aren’t already using a remote monitoring application or service, consider the following 3 reasons why you should monitor your PC while you’re away:

Better Privacy Protection and Administrative Control

Let’s say you leave home or the office and forget to shut down your PC; leaving your user account logged in for anyone to view your personal files and/or private financial information. With a remote monitoring service/app you can perform administrative tasks like rebooting, shutting down, or logging off, without having to go back to where the computer is located. If someone is perusing files that you don’t want to be seen, or running programs that they’re not supposed to use, you can quickly view and kill any active processes.

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Enhanced Employee Supervision

With a remote monitoring service you’ll no longer need to have a manager/supervisor present in the office to keep track of your employees’ computer activities. You’ll be able to see what is happening on every computer in your office in real-time. You can also view logs that display past usage statistics like when an application/file was launched, how long it was used for, which windows were accessed, which new files were created, and which existing files have been modified. This enhanced and simplified supervision lets you gauge the productivity and efficiency of each employee, while also determining whether their online activities are appropriate for the workplace. Furthermore, if employees know they’re being monitored they’re much more likely to perform commendably. Some apps even give you the option to send an admin message to the user – a useful feature that comes in handy when training customer support representatives.

Monitoring and Censoring the Activity of Child Users

There are many parental control and internet censoring solutions available that let you restrict child users from being able to view inappropriate content online. These applications work by filtering website URLs through their databases to determine whether the sites are appropriate for children based on page ratings and admin preferences. However, these site-blocking apps aren’t 100% successful in blocking all forbidden content. Being able to monitor a child’s online activity in real-time, or view logs of their past activity, is very helpful when you’re trying to determine which changes need to be made to parental control settings in order to prevent future lapses in censorship.

Dan Morris is an experienced tech blogger and knowledgeable IT professional currently blogging for Retina X Studios LLC, a renowned spy software provider based in Jacksonville, Florida. One of RXS’ flagship products is SniperSpy, a remote monitoring software for PC.