6 Reasons Everyone Should Take Advantage Of Online File Storage

Online file storage offers a variety of unique benefits which makes it a great choice for anyone storing digital content.  The advantages of online file storage are easy to see when compared to traditional storage solutions such as an external hard drive.

The Entire Process Can Be Automated

One of the immediately noticeable benefits is the entire process can be automated.  Current online file storage solutions offer either scheduled data backups or automatic syncing.  Both of these options allow users to utilize online file storage any time they connect to the Internet.  A common problem with traditional options is keeping the data up to date.  Automation is the easiest way to overcome this problem.

Online File Storage is an Easily Scalable Solution

Another reason everyone to take advantage of online file storage is that it is easily scalable.  It is difficult for individual users to predict exactly how much storage space they will need.  Instead of having to purchase an oversized external hard drive, users can now purchase additional storage on an as needed basis.

Online File Storage Has a Longer Shelf Life than Traditional Methods

Compared to traditional data storage methods such as an extra hard drive and CDs, online file storage has a much longer shelf life.  Since all of the data is stored in the cloud, there is little chance that it will be lost or damaged.  For all intents and purposes, online file storage has an infinite lifespan.  On the other hand, external hard drives and CDs can be easily damaged after a few months or years.

Value Pricing Keeps Online File Storage Affordable

Unlike purchasing an external hard drive, online file storage offers value pricing which keeps it affordable.  Users only need to pay for the amount of storage they currently need, rather than purchasing extra space in advance.  Online file storage providers allow users to purchase more storage space as needed.

Encryption is Always Present

A primary concern when storing data is keeping it secure.  Unlike traditional methods, encryption is always present in a quality online file storage environment.  Not only does this provide a simple, automatic security solution, but it also prevents files from accidentally being left vulnerable.  Traditional options must be manually encrypted by the user at the time of upload. Users should always double check that their provider offers secure storage. Not every provider does this. But backup services such as JustCloud, DrivePop, and Carbonite are a few that have this enabled.

The Data Restoration is Easier than Conventional Methods

The final reason everyone should take advantage of online file storage is the data restoration process.  If a user experiences data loss, restoring the data can be done within a few minutes, depending on how much data is restored.  The best part is the entire process takes only a few clicks to get started.

The benefits of online file storage over traditional data storage options are clear.  It doesn’t matter if someone needs to store a few items or backup their entire device; online file storage offers a simple, easy-to-use, and convenient solution.  While there will always be a place for conventional methods, their use is slowly diminishing.

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