5 Apps That Can Help You Easily Find The Home Of Your Dreams

Buying a home, especially if it is your first, is undoubtedly a daunting task. Not only is a home the most expensive thing you will ever purchase in your life, it is pretty hard to find a place that suits your requirements perfectly.

When you plan on spending a large sum of money on something, you definitely want to avoid settling on something less than perfect. You want your house to be a place where you can live your life without regret, don’t you?

Fortunately, the modern technology has made it much easier for you to find a house of your dreams than ever before. Today, smartphone are the finest tools to use for hunting for a new living-place, and some applications can make a big difference between coming up empty and finding a new home. Outlined below are some of the most useful apps for homebuyers.

It is advisable to scan what is out there first before you hit the streets! The following applications are indeed the most invaluable resources that include thousands of listings, putting a huge number of homes in your preferred town at your fingertips.

Digital house listings is not a new thing, but being able to monitor them on your smartphone ensures that you do not miss a prospective bargain as you leap from one house to another.

1. Trulia Real Estate App

This application is available for free on Apple and Android. Trulia real estate app allows you to instantaneously view house for sale in your vicinity on a detailed map through GPS technology. Moreover, it enables you to see colorful photos of each house on sale.

It offers in depth information about every home, including open house schedules, listing details and neighborhood facts. This application comes with search-filters that allow you to find house listings that match your particular criteria like the specific area, number of bathrooms, number of bedrooms, your desired price, etc.

Additionally, the app offers you instant notifications when new houses are listed for sale in your targeted vicinity. You can also get information regarding nearby grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Trulia real estate app also allows you to instantly contact the real estate agent for further information about the viewing-schedule and listing.

2. Zillow Real Estate App

Zillow real estate is a free application available on both Apple and Android. Homeowners can easily get all the information related to the houses for sales, such as availability, price, the size of the house, number of rooms, etc.

It enables you to view selling prices of the houses located in a specific neighborhood you are interested in living in. Also, it offers prices of the homes that are recently sold to give you a clear picture of current pricing trends. It allows you to see photos of the houses on sale. Zillow real estate comes with a GPS technology that allows you to find a house effortlessly.

This application comes with notification features, which can tell you when a house you want to buy comes on the market. It also notifies about any drop in cost. It also offers you a mortgage calculator in order to help you find out your mortgage payments for every month.

3. REALTOR.com App

Realtor.com application is available on Apple as well as Android. You can get it for free. It offers homebuyers information on more than 80 percent of all the latest real estate listings. Most interestingly, it is updates every fifteen minutes, which makes it absolutely effortless for you find the latest listing instantly.

You can find out the database for houses by browsing different cities, drawing a place on the map or using the GPS location. It also allows you to customize your search according to a number of different factors, such as size of the house price, age of the house, number of bathrooms, and number of bedrooms.

Each listing’s basic details can be viewed easily. Additionally, you can assess the interior and exterior of the house, view its photos, and give the house your own rating with notes. You can contact the Realtor through this application in order to arrange a property viewing. These applications might not be able to guarantee that you will find the house of your dreams, but they can most definitely make your search less overwhelming and easy.

Are you ready to start your search for a new home? Contact a professional real estate agent once you are done with your research! There are countless experts out there who can help you assess your mortgage requirements, find the perfect loan solution, handle your documents and get an ideal deal.

4. Walk Score (iOS)

This is an amazing iOS application that provides you with a rating of the walkability of a particular place. for metro areas, where public usually avoids driving cars, knowing the exact number of places to buy groceries and get coffee everyday helps you decide if the house is right for you. Walk score enable you to find all such places near the house you are planning to buy.

5. Real Estate by Smarter Agent

It is available on iOS, Android, windows and Blackberry. This application is incredible since it is custom made by every real estate agent. If your real estate agent decides to utilize this service, this application is specially tailored to his/her style. It enables the real estate agents to stand out. You agent doesn’t have a custom app? There is nothing to fear about, since he/she can use a standard, free version that enables you to find your dream house with ease of use and all the pictures you will need.

Once you have moved into your new house, it is time to meet the neighbors and get settled. Getting involved seems a little daunting, especially if you are new and do not know anybody. NextDoor.com is a perfect solution for you, since it creates social network based on the location of the user. It enables you to know your neighbors before you even move there.

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