Quality vs Quantity: Which works better for a standalone blog?

A common piece of advice which seems to revolve these days is the fact that quality is more vital than quantity. The old idea of blogging on a daily basis with frequent posts seems to be brushed aside over the notion of posting something quality once or twice a week. This means that posting few quality stuffs or working less can bring more people to your blog. However, this is too good to believe, the old idea seems to be still valid with little change, which states that you have to come with daily posts but with quality. Thus blogging daily with quality is a must for any stand along blog rather than once or twice in a week.

Pulling your readers: Generally the blog readers often visit the blog URL, thus what we see is very little crowd for most blogs. You as a blogger should aim for pulling your readers to your blog on a regular basis. Every time they visit your blog, they must see something interesting and new post to read giving them pleasure and positive back up. A majority of your readers would be visiting your blog from their work just to get a small break or distraction. Hence it’s important that you cater them what they need, in other words, the topics should interest them. So what you want to make your blog for your readers is pleasurable in their daily chores, something which should come as a default.

Why posting daily is important: So whenever your reader visits your blog and they see no new post, they are likely to be disappointed. The more this goes the lesser chance you have for them to return to your blog. Readers who visit your blog come according to your schedule, hence if they see this breaking more than one or two times, they are bound to find your substitute. So in order to make them coming on a regular basis, you need to keep the posting with a consistent schedule. And needless to say, that you put quality over it, since people now demand quality but with quantity. This however, may not be applicable for blogs which depend on SEO traffic; since they merely answer the search based phrases and is meant for traffic and not readers.

The frequency of postings: The frequency of your posting would depend to some extent to the kind of site you have for your readers. There are couple of standard blogging frequencies which includes less than once per week, once a week, three times per week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday – schedule), Five times per week (Monday to Friday) and lastly multiple times per day. Among these the last two options are considered to be the best and standard way of blogging. These help the readers to stay connected on a regular quality contents from the blogger.

Final Word: Considering either of the two and leaving the other can hamper the readers’ population over your blog. Hence it’s imperative that you maintain a good balance between the two. Quality is a must but when comes to blogging it should come with quantity. Readers coming over the blog even for junks these days want to see a substantial level of quality in it. Having better content means getting more traffic and readers, so with regular and good postings you can convert your traffic into readers.

About the author: Alia Haley is very passionate when it comes to blogging and writing. She is a gadget freak and loves to write on technology. Her articles include various aspects associated to tech help and currently she is working on a blog on tech games and Urban Design.