QR Barcode Labels

QR Barcodes are quickly becoming a must have necessity for businesses across the globe. ClickZ.com recently published a study which showed that between June 2011 and June 2012, consumer QR code scans rose by over 400%. In addition, during June 2012, scans were being carried out at a rate of 120 per minute, and more than 4 million people around the globe scanned a code for the very first time. Without a doubt, QR codes are quickly becoming a must-have necessity for small and large businesses. With recent technological advances boasting support for QR code scanning, it gives consumers an easy way to interact and find their favourite businesses and companies.

The very same study also gave us a great insight into how QR codes are being used by consumers and how they can benefit businesses. The biggest reasons for consumers scanning  QR barcodes was contests, followed by loyalty programs and rewards. In terms of who is scanning the codes, it appears that Males love to scan more than females, after the study showed that males accounted for 75% of all bar code scans. The most popular scanners being used were iPhones and Android-powered devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. While the results from the study may not indicate how much success your business can achieve, it does show there is an increased potential for raising viral awareness of your brand through scanning.

With people investing their hard-earned money into mobile phones and tablets, it’s only natural that they want to utilize every feature the technology has to offer. One of those features is QR Barcode Label  scanning. Giving your consumers the chance and opportunity to scan your QR barcode can lead to more sales, more revenue and more profits. Whether you’re looking to grow your social media channels, offer an awesome giveaway or simply give them a quick way to find your website – all businesses should be utilizing QR Barcode technology.