QMS & MS Office: A Winning Pair

If your business operates within a highly regulated industry, then you are well aware of the various challenges these industries pose. Constant concerns over compliance and quality can bog down productivity and impact profits. However, quality management software can streamline processes associated with compliance and increase efficiency to increase revenue, and they can be easily integrated with Microsoft Office Suite.

Improved Document Control

One area that quality management software or QMS can help your business improve in is document control. In highly regulated industries efficient document control is imperative. QMS can drastically increase efficiency by automating these processes from routing to approval. Also, through QMS your business can generate a secure document repository. Most of these document control systems can support any type of document, regardless of what software was used to create it making them easy to integrate with your existing Office programs.

Change Control

Another area where QMS can increase your company’s efficiency is change control. As with document control, the processes associated with change control can quickly become muddled within a paper-based system. A manual system does not have the proper turn-around time to keep up with changes, but QMS can streamline these processes to provide timely reports on all changes. With change control software your business can generate a simple form with each change that provides valuable information including: description of change, reason for change, and the impact the change will have on the company.

Complaint Management

QMS can also assist your business with complaint management. This is another area where using a manual system can be costly as there is potential for a simple complaint to be overlooked and turn into something much worse. Through a QMS you can connect complaint management with your other current systems to ensure complaints are appropriately tracked from initiation to completion.

Implementing quality management software within you company can be very beneficial. The processes mentioned here are some of the main areas in which quality management software can increase your company’s efficiency. In highly regulated industries the need for proper quality management is essential and integrating quality management software with your existent Office programs can take your business to the next level.