Putting Your Tablet to Work

Okay, let me begin with an admission: I am a desktop PC loyalist. My best work happens when I am at a full-sized personal computer with a large screen and without a care in the world regarding battery life and limitations to storage capacity, signal strength, processing performance. I might be considered a fossil in comparison to the modern computing professional, but that is just the way I am.

Be that as it may, I have begun to change my views on mobile computing when the tablet became prevalent. Frankly, laptops and notebooks were still too bulky for me to consider mobile, and the average smartphone just made my eyes hurt from all the squinting. Tablets (I actually prefer the 10” variety) are just small and light enough to be near-effortless to lug around, and the screen is just large enough that it doesn’t cause me any eye strain and frustration with the touch screen. I just added an Apple iPad keyboard to my tablet, and it was good to go for just about any computing need that I had, work or play.

After a few months with my tablet, as well as gleaning some opinions of tablet using-professionals within my circles, I’ve determined just what computing you can conceivably do on a tablet without compromising on the quality or the time needed to accomplish it. This will give you guys an idea whether it’s a good idea to buy or requisition a tablet for certain job functions and tasks. 

Word Processing

Paired with a slim keyboard that usually doubles as its cover or case, a tablet is pretty much the ultimate mobile word processing machine. The touch screen just isn’t as good as we want it to be (at least, for now), so it is essential that you get yourself an actual keyboard; it also frees up your tablet screen to display more text, with the touch screen keyboard out of the way. 


For as long as you have good internet connectivity, a tablet is a great on-the-go tool to have for digging up information on the ‘net. Most decent tablets have enough processing power and built-in storage space to handle just about anything the internet can throw at you, so it will not be a problem.

Tablets also have cameras, so going on-site and taking shots of the things you want to research is all too easy, and with Google Images and other image searching and recognition apps out there, you won’t have a problem finding the information you are looking for.


The tablet’s a perfect companion for professionals who have something to present to prospective clients. Pair it up with a small projector with wireless capabilities, and you can set up your slideshow just about anywhere. There are plethora of presentation applications for both Android and iOS, so you won’t have any problems creating and showcasing your ideas. 

Other Web-Based Apps

For as long as the browser is supported, most applications should work on the humble tablet. Fortunately, a lot of office applications have already been migrated to the internet, so working from anywhere with internet connectivity is a reality we now enjoy.

Until more portable and intuitive platforms are propagated (like Google’s Glass, for example), tablet computing is the most convenient way to work and do stuff from anywhere.

 Here’s to working from our tablets!

Stacey Thompson is a professional writer, marketer, entrepreneur, and a lover of weird little animals. She is based in San Diego, California, and is enjoying writing stuff on her tablet while hanging out at her favorite cafe. Stacey is also maintaining her group’s blog, Word Baristas.