Protecting Your PC And MAC

When it comes to your computer’s safety, it’s easy to get complacent. Usually people don’t worry about security systems or backup and recovery programs until it’s too late. Then, you’ll be using disaster recovery services to save your info because that might be the only way out. The key to your computers safety is being prepared. Security works best when applied before anything has a chance to happen. Keeping your computer safe before viruses have a chance to corrupt it is the safest way to go.

You have a lot of important information on your computer and you must keep it safe. But how can you accomplish this?

1. Turn off Java

You don’t need java turn it off now! Most webpages don’t even use it. It’s old and has been replaced by Flash, HTML5 and others. Plus, Java is vulnerable to Malware viruses on Macs and PCs. Most of these computers run an out of date Java that no longer helps anyway. It’s time to say goodbye to Java… disable it.

2. Updates, updates and more updates!

Keep your computer up to date at all times. Up to date software will always run with the latest bug fixes and patches. Plus, most of time computers alert you with updates when a specific problem is detected. Both Mac and PC have updates so there are no excuses. Mac has a system called Software Update and PC has Windows Update.

3. Regular Password changes

First, change your password from time to time. Then, make sure it is strong enough to keep hackers out. Plus it wouldn’t hurt to use different passwords for different programs. Using the same secret code is a very bad idea. If a hacker figures out just one password… they have access to everything. And that is NOT good. Also, when making a new password remember to mix in numbers and symbols. Trust me… it helps.

4. Turn off your computer once in a while

Seriously, leaving your computer on constantly can make it vulnerable to Trojans and Spyware. When a computer is off it ensures the safety of your privacy and the security of your hard drive. Plus, powering down when your computer is not being used is a very good idea. It blocks Internet access for all outside users. No one can get in and nothing can be taken out. So, you don’t have to worry about finding that list of disaster recovery services when you log back on And don’t forget, when your computer is off… your automatic updates and back ups cannot run. But again, this won’t become a problem if you’re already up to date.

Eric Regan is a writer who loves to see what the world has to offer. His articles have covered locations all over the globe.