Prohibited File Types in Windows Live Email – How Do You Open Them?

When you receive an e-mail in Windows live e-mail, you might see an attachment that says it is a prohibited file type. This means you cannot open the e-mail attachment to view on your computer.

Windows live help suggests that you change your settings, however it will only apply to new e-mails that coming to your inbox and not the one you have already received.

One day I received an e-mail and I needed to open the prohibited file type then and there. I tried a few things and finally got the attachment to open on the computer.

prohibited file type

How To Open Prohibited File Type Attachments?

There are three options you can try to open prohibited file types, especially the ones that you have already received.

1. To forward it on to an email address you have access to that will accept this file and let you open it.

2. Change the settings in Windows Live Email and then pretend to forward it.

3. Change the settings and send it back to yourself.

Watch this video below showing how I opened the prohibited file type in Windows live e-mail

 Change Settings to Open Prohibited file Types

These settings for opening prohibited file types are set in place to protect your computer from viruses. I recommend that you change these settings for the purpose of opening this attachment and then change them back again.

1. Go to the home tab at the top of the program.

2. Click on the drop arrow under the Junk option. See screenshot below.

3. Choose safety options from the menu.

prohibited file type change

4. When the safety options dialogue box opens go to the security tab.

5. Remove the tick next to do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus.

prohibited file type security

6. Press Apply.

Now your settings are changed and any further e-mails with prohibited file type attachments will be okay to open. The now is, what about the email you have already received with the prohibited file type?

Well that is no problem now. You might not be able to open the actual e-mail that was first sent, but you can forward it on and immediately access the file.

All you have to do is select the e-mail by making it blue, then right click on the e-mail and choose Forward from the menu. Now that you do not even have to press the send button as you will be able to see the file and double click on it right then and there.

Now make sure you remember to change these settings back as this setting are in place to keep your computer safe from these prohibited file types that can carry viruses.