Printing Web Pages Effectively and with Less Waste

 Recently, I was watching an episode of Dotto Tech and Steve was featuring a free download from HP that lets you print web pages easily and with less waste. Sometimes, you only want part of a page’s content, like a recipe, a map, instructions and so forth. You don’t want to print all the images and other content on the page.

This is where HP’s Smart Web Printing comes in. It is compatible with IE6 and IE7 (but not IE8 yet) and Firefox 2.0 or higher and runs on Windows Vista or XP.

It lets you select just the content you want to print, saves it to it’s own clipboard and then even lets you resize the content before printing so you can print items from several web pages on one sheet of paper, if necessary. He demonstrated it on his show and it looks pretty neat. Hopefully an updated version for IE8 will be released soon.

HP Smart Web Printing can be downloaded for free from HP.

Just as a side point, I have a feature installed in WordPress that lets you do something similar with my posts here. It’s from You need to be viewing the entire post in it’s own page (click the post title to do this) and then you can delete the paragraphs you don’t want printed, or even save the post as a PDF file.