Review: Print2CAD 2013 software

With unparalleled speed and precision, Print2CAD 2013 software converts your raster (TIFF, JPEG, etc.) or PDF files to DWG/DXF, while maintaining comprehensive OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functions of non-native PDF text allowing you to create entirely editable AUTOCAD- ready files. With this superior technology you are presented with the full capability of editing files that are converted and transferred and not stuck with read-only files like seen with many less desirable transfer applications. This application is fully capable of raster to vector conversion of uploaded logos and scans allowing them to be imported into CAD.

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Print2CAD 2013 is a complete stand-alone experience, meaning that it is in fact a complete Windows application that does not require AutoCAD. This is achieved by converting PDF files to DWG. Now available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, Print2CAD 2013 offers complete support of colors, arcs, layers, line weights and circles. With up-to-date technology (Windows 8 compatibility) and advanced memory control (allowing you to work with much larger files), Print2CAD 2013 now offers an integrated tool allowing the program to recognize text as well as hidden or dashed lines for conversion.

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Additional features and specifications include:

  • DXF/PDF conversion
  • DWG/PDF conversion
  • PDF/JPEG conversion
  • PDF/TIFF conversion
  • PDF/PNG conversion
  • PDF/GIF conversion
  • TIFF/GWG or DXF conversion (for all CAD Systems)
  • JPEG/ DWG or DXF conversion (for all CAD Systems)
  • DWF/ DWG or DXF conversion (for all CAD Systems)
  • HPGL or HPGL-2/ DXF or DWG conversion (for all CAD Systems)
  • Support of PDF text and layers
  • Free support of command line
  • Ability to extract PDF Pixel Images as JPEG or TIFF files, if desired
  • Assignment of PDF line weight to DWG or DXF entities
  • Conversion of embedded raster images from PDF as lines or solids
  • Extraction of embedded raster images from PDF and converted to JPEG, BMP, PNG or GIF
  • Supports PDF-mirrored raster pictures
  • Optimizes polylines (with the ability to purge and merge)
  • Highly precise DWG or DXF coordinates
  • Ability to rotate and scale DWG and DXF coordinates
  • Complete recognition of arcs and circles
  • RGB Color conversion of DWG and DXF files

This application is intended for any CAD users needing to convert a wide range of file formats into different, yet editable, formats. Students, as well as the general population, will be astonished by the application’s ability to convert numerous different formats into one manageable file. Professionals such as engineers or contractors with the need to transfer, convert and edit customer files desiring to change layouts and fix problems arising on current jobs will find this software incredibly useful in saving them time and money as well as grief.

The multifaceted abilities of Print2CAD 2013 make it desirable and useful to a wide range of clients from students to general contractors alike.