Press release: Secunia Personal Software Inspector 3.0

New Secunia PSI 3.0 features automatic security patch updates, dramatically simplified user interface and intuitive preferences to help users safeguard PCs and data against cybercriminals.

From an official press release on the Secunia Blog:

Copenhagen, Denmark – June 28 – Secunia, the leading provider of IT security solutions that help businesses and private individuals manage and control vulnerability threats, today announced the worldwide general availability of the new Secunia Personal Software Inspector 3.0.  Currently there are more than five million Secunia PSI users worldwide.  As the number of vulnerabilities in non-Microsoft (third-party) programs increases, coupled with the sheer number of people accessing the internet, email and downloading programs or plug-ins each day, the launch of Secunia PSI 3.0 arrives at an important time for users – technical as well as non-technical – worldwide.

”We are on a mission to secure PCs worldwide and in our continued efforts to do this we are unveiling a new Secunia PSI that is simple and useful for the non-technical user as well as the very technically minded user, and one that will help private PC users worldwide stay secure against the ever-increasing vulnerability threats,” said Morten R. Stengaard, Director of Product Management and Quality Assurance at Secunia. ”We want the new Secunia PSI 3.0 to be trusted not by just a few million users, but by everyone that has a private PC, and to do that it was absolutely critical that it be re-designed with the broader target group in mind.”

The Secunia PSI 3.0 is a free computer security scanner which identifies software applications that are insecure and in need of security updates, or patches. In making the decision to take the responsibility of developing software update packages for all vendors which Secunia supports and then pushing them out automatically to users, the new Secunia PSI 3.0 now gives users a “hands off” approach when it comes to software application security updates, making it easier and far more effective for users to maintain secure software applications and data housed on personal computers.   Whether the software vendor provides automatic security updates or not, Secunia PSI 3.0 users will now receive the automatic security patch updates from Secunia as part of the new version, a significant new feature from the previous version and a major leap forward in raising the security-level of computers worldwide.

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