Photo Calendar Ideas to Help You Maximize Your Photos

Are you thinking of ways to use your wonderful photos? Do you want to post your most memorable or cutest pictures in other places aside from photo albums? Then, this is the right time to create your own photo calendar. Photo calendars provide you with a personalized calendar that uses your photos instead of other pictures as a background. In this way, you can maximize the use of your favourite pictures. Photo calendars are best in your home, room or can be even presented as special gifts for special occasions, the possibilities are limitless. Designs can be purely yours or you can choose from a set of themes.

There are a lot of sites that offer customized photo calendars. You can visit mixbook at for cool photo calendars that you can personally design. In mixbook, you can not only add your photos to the calendar, but also add your special events in the calendar grid. Now that sounds like “your own calendar”. At mixbook, there are a lot of calendar designs that you can choose from. You can choose from over 35 calendar designs and also, you have an option to add one or more photos to your chosen design. Mixbook not only gives you good choices for your personal calendar, but also offers their products at a cheap price. Aside from designs, mixbook also allows you to choose from landscape or a portrait orientation, different colors and  a variety of sizes.

Similar to mixbook, snapfish also provides photo calendars that you can fully customize. First, you can chose from 8 calendar styles that suit your taste or lifestyle. You can use a different photo each month or have a specific photo on all the pages of the calendar. You also have the chance to personalize the dates with texts or photos and you can start the calendar in any month so whether you plan to have your calendar in October, snapfish will gladly deliver the customized calendar to you. In snapfish, it’s as simple as uploading a photo(s), choosing from calendar options and ordering as many calendars as you wish. Visit snapfish at Use snapfish coupon code from to have some savings.

Other sites allow you to customize your calendar and print it right in your own printer. So there will be no waiting and shipping fees to pay and the best thing is your calendar comes out from your printer free of charge. Just make sure that you have the proper printing paper to get the best quality with your calendar prints. Visit for more information.

Technology really has given us various ways to make your choices more personalized. We have already seen photos being designed on mugs and shirts, now; we also get the chance to look at our memorable photos straight from our own personalized calendar. After the calendar year, has finished, you can keep the calendar as a memory and order your next photo calendar with your more recent photos.