PC Matic: Take your PC for its Regular Pit Stop

As your computer ages it will begin to slow down and freeze when it becomes overburdened, and the older it gets the more frequent this happens. Many believe that when their computer slows down it is time to bite the bullet and buy a new one; they never give a second thought to try to fix their computer. This is most likely due to the fact that not many people know where to start when they want to fix a computer, and for this reason, they give up. But what if you could save yourself buying a new computer by just running a simple program? It would certainly save a lot of money, and you could eliminate the freezing and crashes that your computer endures. This is where PC Matic comes in.

PC Matic is a the Swiss Army knife of the computer world. It does everything you need to make your computer faster and everything you need to keep it running smooth. It comes with 5 programs in all: Optimize, Disk MD, Driver Alert, Exterminate, and OverDrive. Here is what they do.

Optimize: This program is the one that is most useful for boosting your PC’s performance. It delegates your resources according to your specific needs and turns off the programs that are unneeded. This is going to stop the freezing, and more than likely stop the crashing.

Disk MD: As you use your computer, files are being erased and created. Over time these files can be divided into fragmentations. Fragmentations are pieces of the original file that are now spread around your hard drive in different locations. Your hard drive has to search for these files to compile them into the original, which takes time, sometimes 100 times as long. Disk MD will defragment your files and collect them into one entity again, so that the loading of folders, programs, and other services run much more smoothly.

Driver Alert: This is a simple tool that will make sure your drivers are up to date in your computer. Drivers are exactly what they sound like, the controlling force behind hardware. If you have out of date drivers many issues can occur, including a slow computer. Driver Alert is built to fix that!

Exterminate: This program will not only eliminate viruses from your computer, but also spyware and malware, all of which can steal your private information (including credit card information, street address, and more). With Exterminate you get a triple threat, one program that searches for all suspicious activity, which will also speed up your computer, and possibly eliminate crashing due to infections.

OverDrive: This is what makes PC Matic stand out from all of the rest. This program will boost your PCs performance so it will run like new again. It is like a nitro boost to your PC, making it run faster and smoother than ever.

Overall, PC Matic is one suite that you should not pass up on. It is the perfect PC maintenance tool for increasing speed and maintaining it.