Easy Computer Maintenance Tips – Let Software Do All The Work!

You do not have to be Einstein when it comes to computer maintenance. Especially not nowadays, as computer maintenance is usually performed by software. In fact computer maintenance is a big job now and software is highly recommended.

Install an antivirus

We have all heard this before and we all know that every computer should have virus software install. Getting a virus can slow down your computer to a snail’s pace, or even kill it altogether.

You can install a free antivirus program, if that suits your needs. If you still continue to get viruses when you are using free software, then please do pay for some professional antivirus software. Don’t be scabby about this as you can lose all of your information from your computer from just one simple virus.

Cleanup your working area

Just like working in an office, you need to clean up your desk and you’re working area so you can work more effectively. I do not know many people that can work in amongst a mess. This is exactly how your computer feels when you do not clean out junk files, outdated files, unused programs, and so on. Your computer does not work well under these circumstances and becomes slow and sluggish. Therefore you need to do some computer maintenance.

Of course you can news software for this, or you can do it yourself. I’d definitely used to clean up my computer myself, as it was easy to go through and perform this maintenance. But now as we store more files, download large files and view more things on the Internet, it is almost impossible to do this computer maintenance manually.

Here is an old video that I made showing how long it took me to perform computer maintenance. This was simply done just so I could speed up my computer and get rid of all the junk.

Reinstall Windows

Back in the old days when there was no software to speed up your computer, therefore I used to often reinstall Windows to get a complete cleanup of my computer. It was fantastic because it felt like I had a new computer all over again.

This is not necessary now as you can use the great optimization software to clean out your computer. But reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows is the bees knees to speeding up your computer. When I turned my computer on, it was like I had just bought it from the store.

Just remember that when installing a new copy of Windows all of your information will be lost so you will need to backup your files first. That is another story altogether.

Don’t forget the inside

Many people neglect to clean the dust from the inside of their computer. You know it is being sucked in because you can see the dust on the vents on the case of your computer. But people choose to ignore this and dust can cause many problems.

For your computer to run at its optimum speed it needs to be at a certain temperature. If your computer is overheating due to dust, then this can definitely cause computer problems or even complete shutdowns.