PC Magnum Review

If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for a genuine and honest review of the PC Magnum privacy software.

According to the official website, PC Magnum is “the ultimate in PC privacy”. The program itself is actually designed to protect internet and PC users from all websites which store cookies on your PC without your knowledge or permission, sensitive files that have not been discarded from your recycle bin, a visual archive of website images stores on your PC as well as recently opened documents on your computer that leave a digital paper trail.

It is important to point out that Windows stores almost all activity which is completed on your computer as well as the various different websites you have visited and virtually every document you have opened. PC Magnum aims to protect user’s privacy through automated cleaning.

PC Magnum Pros

PC Magnum is effective when it comes to removing embarrassing and private information from your PC so that a third party will not be able to find out about your internet use and computer habits without your knowledge or permission.

The automated cleaning feature is excellent for those people do not have the time to manually clean their PC and computer browser themselves.

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PC Magnum is also highly effective when it comes to scanning, cleaning and removing cookies from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. This includes browsing history, download history, image cache as well as typed URLs from these same browsers.

PC Magnum is also ideal for anyone who uses Facebook on a regular basis as the program will remove the digital trail of your Facebook history as you should be aware that visits to Facebook are logged into your PC.

It is also important to note that PC Magnum is very easy to setup and use. The download and installation process is quick and simple.

PC Magnum Cons

PC Magnum does some cleaning which you could do manually yourself through emptying your recycle bin and deleting cookies in your browser.


PC Magnum is ideal for anybody who wants to prevent third parties from accessing private information with regard to your computer habits and internet usage. It gives PC users peace of mind through automated cleaning of your PC. The program is also likely to be beneficial to anyone who does not have any knowledge with regard to how to clear their browser history.