Bargain Hunting for Your Next PC; Where and How to Look for the Best Deal

Making any major electronics purchase can be a bit of a funny thing.  While almost all retail items have some form of a “price half-life” in which costs depreciate over time as new makes and models emerge, the computer market seems to exhibit this even more so.  What was top of the line (and appropriately priced as such) one year, can be a fraction of its original cost the next, and in some cases, even a few months later.

On top of arriving at a suitable price, you also need to evaluate just what you are looking to get out of it.  Narrowing down the purpose will subsequently help narrow down your choices.  From basic tasks like operating word processing software and internet browsing to more technical operations like high-end gaming and video editing, the gamut of uses is as wide as it is varied.

Having established the purpose it’s time to move onto the locating the best price.  While it is always possible to head into a brick and mortar store and pick up a rig right from the box, this of course, is not advised.  What you save on convenience is far outshined by what you could have saved in price had you moseyed around the web just a wee bit longer.

So how do you arrive at the best deal?  Look no further than some of the resources below.  These deal outlets will have you saving your hard earned cash in record time.


These guys win the price war every time because they have a feature that lets you compare prices from Amazon, NewEgg, Compsource, and a few others. Additionally you can pull up the statistics for multiple items side-by-side to compare different computers. This is usually my first stop.

New Egg

These guys have a massive selection and are a site that I’ll check separately even if I’ve already seen quotes from other sites. Most of the listed items are cheaper than what you’ll pay at a brick and mortar store or an older outlet like Tiger Direct. Something I’ve noticed here before is that they might have duplicate listings for the same item, with one priced lower than the other, always check!

PC Part Picker

If you’re a patient and savvy person you can save a bundle by building your own computer, or by getting a mediocre one and upgrading it selectively. The way to do that is to get on this site and grab what you need. Something important to keep in mind when you’re doing this is to make sure that the parts you buy are compatible. Your computer’s performance is usually bottlenecked at one part that is your proverbial weakest link; every other part has to wait for it to catch up. That means that your 5 GHz  If you do your research and correct this so that no single one is impeding performance you can get way more out of what looks like an inferior machine on paper.

Hop onto the comments and let me know what tips and tricks you’ve discovered!