Parallela: Super innovation of the year

It is no wonder that in our modern technological world, every day there is some innovation to be presented. Nowadays we have such a large number of devices that one can get lost in the variety of them. The latest innovation that drew my attention is called Parallella. It is a supercomputer of a size of a credit card, an open source that is energy efficient and highly performed.

In order to have an advantage over the on-board Epiphany chip, processing applications of parallel were developed. The Parallella computer was designed in order to implement and develop the performance of high quality. The developers of this computing platform were aimed at the creation of a platform that would be easy, open, and affordable in usage, and they managed to do it.

The Parallella platform will be free for use in libraries and on the development tools of the open source. All the files of the board design will be open to use when the platform is released. The creators of the platform state that the platform will be powerful but easy at use. What is more, Parallella may perform the visual computing that allows playing games based on gestures, creating the feeling of reality, and it can provide improved safety and health.

Parallella involves thousands of independent programs that in any way depend on each other. Multiple tasks are performed by the operating system simultaneously without us even noticing that. And what is the real innovative thing about this super device is that it can perform actions on its own, and we can look into performance problems from time to time.

Of course, this computer won’t provide the full processing capability of a supercomputer. Still, if there is a cluster of these devices, then the formation of the system of parallel computing may take place.

It is the new way that computers are built and now we are given an opportunity to have our personal computer with us in a pocket.

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