Search Beyond The Recycle bin with Pandora Recovery

Imagine that you have accidentally deleted a file or two in a hurry then after a few days you realize that the files you have deleted were important and now you want to beat yourself to death. So it is a good thing to create a backup of your data often, but anything in between backups is usually lost forever. Well that’s where the software’s like Pandora Recovery come in. The assurance of recovery packages is that they can acquire formerly erased archives back in one piece for you. But to apprehend whether one of them is good or not, you also have to grasp how removing files actually work.

This might come into you as a surprise but when you delete a file, it is not actually gone. Windows merely tags the space on your hard drive, where that file was located, as a place where it can store new files by overwriting the old one. So if the file has not been overwritten yet with something new, recovery software’s like Pandora Recovery can repossess the data and deliver a complete file which is as good as new(but with the data of course). Once the data is been overwritten, it is impossible even for most powerful recovery software to retrieve what has been lost.

HOW STUFF WORKS at Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery assures that it can not only recover your obliterated data, but also lets you to scrutinize through them to pick what you would like to repossess, preview them so you know that you are regaining the correct file before you rescue it, and even mend encrypted, hidden, or compressed files which are way out of the league for other recovery software.

On running the program for the first time, you will be provoked with a wizard that paces you through the retrieval procedure. The wizard recognizes drives that the package provisions and scans the entire drive leaving you with the choice to either glance at all the deleted files on the drive or to scrutinize for a particular file or file type.

Pandora Recovery mentions that the course of recuperating an erased file to the same drive from where it was obliterated can possibly damage that and other erased data. Pandora Recovery strongly advises you to use an external file storage medium as by doing so you can drastically upsurge the likelihoods of accomplishment at reinstating an old file.

Pandora Recovery is also notably fast. However you have to keep in mind that no recovery tool is totally fail-safe, and you should always create a backup of your important files. However, if you are rarely scatter-brained, Pandora Recovery is the software you can rely on. Pandora Recovery is free, and supports NTFS and EFS file systems, so it can work on any Windows platform.

PROS of Pandora Recovery

· Fairly small size i.e. easy to download

· Stress-free to use wizard which walks you through the entire file recovery process

· Color coded and percentage indicators for recovery odds.

· Innovative filtering options which make your search even simpler.

· Supports most of the file formats.

· Pandora Recovery can retrieve data even from external storage devices.

· Browse, Search, and Surface Scan “modes” aids you in recovering files more easily.

CONS of Pandora Recovery

· Must be mounted on your PC – no portable version

· Prompts to install a browser toolbar in the course of package installation


Pandora Recovery is an admirable open file recovery software tool and probably the best of its kind. While Pandora Recovery’s interface can be slightly messy and complex, the wizard built-in with the suite is the coolest to use and comprehend that I have seen in any recovery tool.

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