OS X Mountain Lion or Windows 8?

The big noise was made around two operating systems launch. To be or not to be, that is the question… OS X Mountain Lion or Windows 8, that is the question of nowadays technological society.

Which operating system will be right for you? Hope, our article helps you decide.

Firstly, it is interesting to mention that Apple has released two new versions of its operating system versions in the time since Microsoft let the world know that Windows 8 was making. Microsoft was in hot working process, and Apple released Lion in July, 2011, and then Mountain Lion, a more incremental update, this past July.

While Lion and Mountain Lion have been without competition for months at the market, Microsoft has presented Developer Preview, Consumer Preview, and Release Preview of its Microsoft 8.

In result, Windows 8 is a radical re-imagining of the operating system, combining a touch-centric tablet OS with the traditional Windows desktop environment. That’s why Microsoft required such a long period of time.

As to Apple, its strategy has been directed to careful insert of tips from its mobile operating system, iOS, into the Mac’s. They added multitouch gesture input support that assumes a touchpad for laptops or desktops. The big advantage is ever-closer integration, with a less dislocation to users. There are no evolutionary changes in Apple products.

And Microsoft has taken long-run strategy with set of innovative changes. Actually, Microsoft designed Windows 8 in order to work on mobile tablets. In comparison, Apple’s wildly popular iPad runs its own version of iOS.

The reason behind Windows’ big makeover is simple: It was necessary to create PCs that can do what Microsoft thinks PC users want to do in 2012. Anyone who owns a computer, tablet or smartphone today leads a connected life, and wants to have access to that life from any device, and that access should be fast, convenient and if at all possible, fun.

Microsoft wants to be the first as at computer’s software market and as at smart phones, tablets programs too. Microsoft feel as the radically redesigned operating system will transform the software market and put the software giant on a path that will solidify its dominance over the long term.

 Well, and as to performance comparison, we have got next results:


Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Windows 8

Startup (seconds, lower is better)



Shutdown (seconds, lower is better)



Mozilla Kraken 1.1 in Firefox 15 (ms, lower is better)



Mozilla Kraken 1.1 in Safari/IE10 (ms, lower is better)



Psychedelic Browsing in Firefox (RPM, higher is better)



Psychedelic Browsing in Safari/IE10 (RPM, higher is better)



Large file folder copy (seconds, smaller is better)



This is hard comparison of two operating systems. But the results say that clients look not only at technological side, but also at design of interface.

Our conclusion, Windows 8 can hold its head high next to Apple’s newest desktop operating system when it comes to performance. And what operating system to chose is your decision.

This guest article is by Dave Ritchie, a freelance technical writer interested in download YouTube Mac software.