Optimize Windows Vista for better performance

If there is one thing I consistently hear people say about their PCs is that they are “so slow”. Or,  “It takes Windows forever to start up (or shut down)!” Or: “I have high speed Internet, why isn’t my computer faster when I am online?”

Have you ever said these things yourself?

Think ofimage your Windows computer like any other type of storage space: your bedroom closet, the cupboard over the stove where you keep all your spices or even that ‘junk drawer’ in the kitchen where everything gets tossed. What eventually happens? Well, you need to take some time to clean it out, organize it so that things are easier to find and not so messy.

Your computer is similar; think of all the things that get saved or ‘tossed’ onto it’s hard drive everyday: emails, temporary Internet files, digital photos, mp3s as well as the data you create and save, like Word or Excel files, for example.

After a period of time, it’s time for cleaning out the clutter and reorganizing that PC!

Here’s a great article over at Microsoft’s Windows Help and How-to site called “Optimize Windows Vista for better performance”. It outlines some basic, easy-to-do measures you can take to keep your Windows PC in top shape. Add the page to your favourites and run through the steps from time to time. There’s a follow-up article entitled “Ways to improve your computer’s performance” that goes a little deeper into Windows performance improvements and is well worth a look.

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