Open the Windows and let Fresh Online File Storage in

Throughout the course of the past several years, the technological world, as we know it, will evolve at a rapid pace. Take for example the business world. In the past, businesses would have brainstorming sessions with several chiefs in one room collaborating on the next big idea. Since this tactic is no longer an ideal solution, businesses adapt by utilizing the relatively new collaborative tool, online file storage. Although the name appears to suggest storing information, file storage services do more than just that.

Why online?

Online storage is an ideal solution considering the safety and security features of the service. Access to business sensitive material is only accessible by the administrators of the information. If a person doesn’t have a password, they don’t have access. Top hosting services even feature an AES-256 encryption that makes hacking less of a concern.

Utilizing a cloud-based service also allows the administrators to remotely share information. Now, individuals don’t have to be on the same network to share.


As one of the most efficient operating systems on the planet, Windows offers a quick and easy solution to filing and sharing information on your personalized file system. The interface is easy to use, even if the user is familiar with another operating system such as Linux. After registration, sign into the account and begin uploading files. It’s that easy.

The fine details of the process include setting up the safety and security features, changing the sharing capabilities and permissions. An important factor is the adjustment of the network. This option determines who has access to files.

Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive is a service offered by Rackspace Hosting. This collaborative service provides data access, recovery services and file/sync services. All of the services are available on a secure server with an AES-256 encryption as well as administrator-controlled keys. Since the data is secured on a dedicated server, a business doesn’t have to worry about a localized network.

Collaborative efforts can now be synced across multiple networks and workstations. This allows information to be changed in real time and storage isn’t a problem.  Rackspace offers 10GB of storage space for each user on a particular network.

Additional Features

The benefits of cloud-based services are insurmountable, but additional features are available from a cloud-based file storage solution. Collaborative groups can even customize the experience; for example, groups can change back-up functions.

Overall, a business or any collaborative group should change dated storage to a cloud-based storage system. Consider the benefits of increased productivity, increased motivation, reduced downtime and increased profitability.