Older Video Games Are Collectible And Have Plenty Of Nostalgia

Video Game Collecting Is A Fun And Potentially Lucrative Hobby
It’s no secret that people love to collect things. Whether it’s baseball cards, comic books, action figures or anything else, it’s a common passion that many people have. One type of collecting that’s picking up momentum is video game collecting. While video games are relatively new and have only been in existence since the 1970’s, many of the older games have become serious collector’s items. This is particularly true when it comes to retro games that come from systems like the Commodore 64, Atari and the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Due to the fact that many older video games are hard to find, it’s created a fun hobby for enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of the hunt. In some cases, finding really obscure games can even lead to big money. Just like some older baseball cards that are worth thousands, there is plenty of money to be made.
Why People Love Collecting
Other than the simple love of gaming, there are a few main reasons why people enjoy collecting older video games. One if the nostalgic value that these games offer. For people who grew up in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, playing old games is a great way to connect with past childhood memories. Even though retro games don’t have the graphics and high tech appeal of newer games, many people enjoy playing the games they did as children. Another reason is the fun and thrill that people get from hunting for older games. Unlike shopping in a regular retail store, you never really know what awesome game you will find while collecting. Lastly, some people treat it as a business and make some legitimate money through collecting. When you know what to look for, it’s possible to pay a little and re-sell for much more.
Where Older Video Games Are Found
Some of the best places to find collectible video games are at flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores. These places are often havens for obscure games that are diamonds in the rough and just waiting to be found by someone with an appreciation for retro games. Places like these are great because it’s often possible to find valuable older games for a low price. For collectors who want to re-sell, this can lead to some huge returns on investments. Some video game stores also have collections of older video games that are difficult to find. Along with this, shopping online can yield lots of results and is perfect if you’re trying to locate a certain game.

The author has been collecting video games for many years and has a massive collection of 1,500 games and 60 consoles. He also loves researching video game stores to find great games at low prices.