Review: Okidata C7300dxn Printer


It is not really much to say about Okidata C7300dxn, as it won’t impress you with super modern features and extremely extensive functionality. A budget-priced laser printer of an average printing speed, in fact, it’s a typical representative of the vast crowd of ordinary products.


This laser printer weights 105 lbs, which is definitely more than the size of an average model, however, it’s not disgustingly bulky, with 16.9″ by 16.9″ by 24.4″ size it doesn’t look like an ugly casket. Okidata C7300dxn is capable of executing 24 pages of monochrome and 20 color pages approximately – again, nothing extraordinary. The unit needs 10 seconds to start the first B&W session and 12 seconds for color printing job. 1200×600 dots per inch is the maximum supported resolution.

Okidata C7300dxn is capable of holding up to 630 sheets: the universal tray provides an opportunity to store 530 sheets and a multipurpose tray can handle 100 sheets more. However, it’s not a problem to increase the capacity by setting up additional comparatively inexpensive trays.

128MB RAM memory contributes to admirable performance, but nevertheless, an upgrade is possible due to an extra memory slot, so one can install a 64/128/256/512MB RAM memory module to boost up the performance. Fortunately, a duplexer is included in the basic equipment.

Okidata C7300DXN

One can also make use of out of package network card built-in software: Job Accounting Utility and Print Super Vision programs, as well as an embedded network may simplify the life of many users, but there is nothing special to point out.


Okidata C7300dxn includes an ancient USB 1.1 port, so it’s not surprising that many customers are suffering from poor performance. As you can see not all the manufacturers have managed to get rid of unproductive old components – that’s a huge disadvantage of C7300dxn.

To be honest, it seems that Okidata designers have put a lot of effort in bringing the customers to the past, as compatibility issues with newer operating systems may also happen from time to time.

This printing machine does not support a great number of paper types, so, definitely, it’s not an option if you are looking forward to use C7300dxn for multipurpose document work.

An inclusion of 10GB hard drive won’t leave you satisfied completely, as it is not the volume to expect from a top class unit; no guarantees that Okidata C7300dxn will harmonically fit your up-to-date office environment.