Computer Prank: The Frozen Screen

Frozen screen prankMany of us attended high schools where it was something of a tradition for the graduating seniors to pull off a prank during the final days of the school year. Of course, by now we have outgrown those kinds of childish urges – NOT! While we may not be able to reassemble a VW Bug on the roof of the gym anymore, we can cause a little consternation, if not havoc, in our neighboring cubicles. Don’t forget that you’ll need a few minutes of uninteruppted time at your coworker’s computer – lunch break is often a great time to attack.

This expertly designed prank is, of course, intended to be sprung on your unsuspecting coworker completely in the spirit of good natured fun. Or at least that’s the story to which you should unflinchingly cling. Naturally, we cannot be held responsible for any retaliation that may occur, so proceed at your own risk. Muahahaha.

Graphic via EQA