Top Office Apps for your iPad

Whether or not you’re a fan of Apple products, you have to admit that the iPad has changed the technology market. Laptops and desktops
still have their place, but the iPad is becoming ever more popular as people discover new uses for it. Office workers are no longer tied to their desks or
their cars, and they’re frequently choosing their iPads over their office equipment. Below are some of the apps they’re using most often—unless
specified, they can all be found in the App Store.

Bento: Use this app to track inventories and business expenses, create invoices, database forms and expense reports. Bento, a free app, automatically syncs with the
desktop version of the application, letting users quickly create useful notes for a variety of uses.

Evernote: Another free app, Evernote allows  the fast and easy creation and sharing of audio, photos and text notes. Like Bento, it easily syncs with desktop versions, making note-taking fast and easy.

iWork: Created by Apple, this office productivity suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet and visual presentation app. Because it’s direct from Apple, iWork
seamlessly integrates with the iPad’s UI. The suite costs $30, but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

QuickOffice Pro HD: This app allows iPad users to create fully-formatted text documents, export them with styles, upload to online file storage sites, and save directly to a computer via WiFi. It costs $20, but its versatility makes it a must-have for power users.

 GoToMeeting: From the makers of the Internet’s #1 videoconferencing software, this app allows iPad users to attend virtual meetings—whether it’s from an airport,
coffee shop or the office.

FileApp: This free app fills a gaping hole in Apple’s iOS (file management). FileApp allows users access to their iPad’s file system, and it also allows for
previewing of HTML, OpenOffice, and Microsoft Office files.

Dragon Dictation: Another free app, Dragon harnesses the power of the iPad’s voice-to-text feature. It’s a lot faster than typing, and it allows users to
get more done in less time.

GoodReader: PDF files are used almost everywhere; this $4.99 app boosts office productivity through its ability to read text, Office, image and audio files, and its
wireless sharing feature.

These are nine of the best office and productivity apps for the iPad—try any or all of them as you gradually allow your slate to replace
your office desktop or laptop.

This post was written for Foxhall Business Centres – serviced and managed offices for Nottingham.