Can I Buy OEM Software? Will It Work for Me?

Engineers, business executives, architects, designers, developers, programmers and even people who start a small home business always need some type of specialized software to run PCs, meet accounting needs, even to write a simple letter. But software can be very expensive for a small business. Unlike a corporate business where every application is already installed on the company computer, when you own a small business you have to purchase all of the important applications you use, and software like Windows XP, Microsoft Office, accounting software, or image editing software can cost several hundred dollars apiece. An alternative to this expense may be to buy discounted OEM software.

What is OEM Software?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software are applications sold directly by the manufacturer to large PC manufacturers, large software distributers or high-tech manufacturers. Everyone is familiar with this software, as it is usually included with devices like printers, tablets, cameras, laptops and PCs. But there are also discount OEM software options for well known applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Peachtree, McAffee and more.

Who Can Buy OEM Software?

This software is usually sold with no packing case, and when speaking of PC or device applications like Windows or Microsoft Office there is usually no CD/DVD included either. While this may be an ideal situation for a PC or laptop manufacturer wanting to sell your new device with Microsoft Office and Adobe Premiere pre-installed, at times it may be a little more challenging for end-users to install. Even so, many vendors have compensated for this issue by offering pre-packaged discount software for sale. Still, many programs of these types offer some limitation, which is specified within the description of the discounted software. But even with these limitations, OEM software can be an ideal purchase when a user can\’t afford to purchase a full licensed software package as discounts can be as high as 90%.

OEM Quality

Most application manufacturers make OEM available to industry production facilities that sell large quantities of preinstalled devices, computers or software. These products are popular because they are inexpensive, yet are still a high quality application meeting the original manufacturer\’s standards.

OEM firms are very strict when selecting their raw material suppliers, and several preinspections and tests are completed before allowing the product on the market. This rigorous quality inspection is performed to ensure that any PC or device preloaded with an OEM software application does not have issues.

Should You Buy OEM Programs?

The purpose in making OEM products is to supply them to other manufacturers who wish to bundle their device with certain applications, However, they are now also available to the public through wholesale discount software online businesses that sell it at substantial savings to end consumers.

Still, there is an ongoing debate as to whether discount computer software should be used by end consumers because these discounted products negatively affect the prices of fully licensed software products. This is only a decision that each individual can make for themselves based on their own needs and values. Buying OEM products is perfectly acceptable and legal, but some versions may require a special installation process.

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