NSA’s Mobile Phone Tracker

A little bird called Edward Snowden has put the government in a tricky position. It seems like the National Security Agency, which was meant to keep a check on foreign intelligence agencies like RAW, MOSSAD and MOIS, is instead spying on US citizens. The good folk over at the NSA are no better than a mobile tracker; they can see what you’re looking for on Google maps and pretty much tap into all of your browsing history.
Googled the recipe for eggs in the morning? The NSA knows. Looked at shoes online? The NSA can tell. Wife’s surprise birthday present? The NSA can blow the surprise for you! What do you think about the NSA’s adventures into our personal information and private data? Do you think it’s okay to sacrifice personal privacy in lieu of national security? Have a look at our infographic and tell us what you think.
NSA: From security providers to cell phone trackers
By: Mobile Tracker Software Mobistealth