Nokia Lumia 925: Another High-End Windows 8 Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 925 looks similar to 920 and it seems that it is challenging the Samsung Galaxy S4 but in reality none of the speculations are correct. Though it has taken many specs from its predecessor, it is in now an upgrade of the Lumia 920. Also, it isn’t rivaling any of the Galaxy devices.


Rumors were that the new phone in the Lumia range that is 925 would come wrapped in a metal body. The rumors were doing round right from the day when the news of Lumia 925 broke on the web. And surprisingly the news proved to be true as the Finnish firm has taken a bold step to use metal instead of plastic as the norm was in Nokia phones.

Metal covering not only makes the phone lighter but stronger as well. Now, it could withstand moist palms, nails, fingerings, bangles and wrist bands. But wait, it isn’t all metal. Nokia Lumia 925 is an ideal mix of both metal and polycarbonate that is used in back panel. On the front side, it is all display and, of course, sparkling, shining and luxurious metal. Even the bestselling smartphones in the market would envy the design of Nokia Lumia 925. With 925, Nokia has started using metal mix body cover that we would see in future Nokia devices.

Nokia Lumia 925 has borrowed heavily from its predecessor 920 but it can’t be termed like ‘Old Wine in New Bottle’. The premium aluminum frame gives the Lumia look of an iPhone especially from the black metal corners. The matte polycarbonate finish of the back gives a luxurious feel, there is no space for adding microSD card from the back nor could the user swap out the battery. Sleek design packs amazing technology. It’s a Windows Phone 8 device hence expect applications that would keep things simple for the user.

Technical Specifications:

On the technology side, the phone features super fast Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, Adreno 225 GPU and 1 GB of RAM. I my opinion all these specs are necessary for any top range smartphones and fortunately the manufacturer keeps this promises alive with it. Nokia Lumia 925 sports an AMOLED capacitive 4.5 inch PureMotion HD+ touch screen that is just perfect for everyday use. It has 4G connectivity hence user could enjoy data transfer at a very high speed. The internal memory stands at 32 GB that provides ample of space for storing tracks, a load of data and not to forget movies, games and pictures.


Its rear-facing 8 MP smart camera has combined with Carl Zeiss optics and it is supported by a number of user-friendly features that make clicking pictures a breeze. Also there is a front facing camera that supports video calling as well. Should you need video call a contact, just switch on the 1.3 MP front facing camera and see the person whom you want talk to on your phone screen. Of course, the person you are calling should also have a handset probably Nokia Lumia 925. A proud owner of Lumia 925 would always suggest his friends and acquaintances to buy Lumia 925.

Operating System:

Users familiar with Android would see the Windows Phone 8 OS like a surprise. Instead of icons, there would be colorful tiles on the surface and each tile would show live information. Applications would be visible in alphabetical manner for your convenience. Soon you would learn the skills required for operating a WP8 smartphone. And it would be a new experience for you. So Android users, get ready for a huge roller-coaster ride on Nokia Lumia 925.

Finally, the manufacturer tries to their level best in delivering a performance device and ultimately they succeeded in it. The phone bypasses all the rumors and evolved as a power-packed Windows smartphone never seen before. With its integrated business apps, one can work on the go and discover more opportunities to grow in every aspects of his life.

Wireless Charging:

The new Lumia 925 has boasted with a concept technology i.e. wireless charging, so that users can charge it without searching for physical connecter. What else we want in our phone? Seamless connectivity, a name of trust and high grade specifications are some major spotlights of this Lumia series handset. So, be ready to adopt it as a member in your family.

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