When You Want Something Better – Check Out The Nokia C2-01 Black

Nokia makes great phones. There are so many of them, many that are much less expensive than some other brands that are out there. If you have had one of Nokia’s mobile phones in the past, but are ready to upgrade to a newer phone at the end of your contract, or you are just looking for a new mobile phone, then the Nokia C2-01 Black might just be the phone that you have been looking for..

The Nokia C2-01

Nokia understand that not everybody needs a smart phone that comes complete with games, apps, an amazing video recorder and camera and all of the other bells and whistles that high end smart phones contain.  This is what led to them introducing the Nokia C2-01 to the market.  This phone is compact and comes with 3G connectivity however it is affordable and an ideal option for teenagers and adults who just need a simple phone.  With a weight of just 89g, the phone is pocket sized and refreshingly compact making it a popular choice.

Reasonable Price

The Nokia C2-01 Black mobile phone comes at a reasonable price. While it isn’t the cheapest mobile phone from Nokia it is still a very affordable mobile phone. Currently you can get this phone for around £60 outright making it ideal for children however people who want to take the phone out on a contract option can expect to pay around £10 per month with most network providers. It is a great mobile phone for the price. While it is more expensive than some of the other Nokia mobile phones, it also offers a lot more features than you can find in other Nokia mobile phones.

Easy To Use

A great thing about this mobile phone is that it still has the great easy and simple to use design as many of Nokia’s other mobile phones. The screen is small because there isn’t a touch screen on it, and there are keys so that you can text with ease. But it also has an added bonus of being very similar to a smartphone by offering internet, email, a great camera, and a media player.

Bottom Line

This mobile phone has so many options and is so great, that it is hard to find anything that would keep you from purchasing it. It has all the simplicity of other Nokia mobile phones, which makes it easy to use. This is very important to people who don’t want to have a lot of bells and whistles on their phones and just want a phone that makes calls.

But in addition to that it has all the extras that you would find on a more advanced smartphone. Having internet and email and all those other options are very important to some people. Nokia combines both into this great mobile phone that anyone would love to have. This phone is the best of both worlds and is definitely worth a look if you are looking to get a new mobile phone.

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Travis Bliffen is a freelance writer who is always looking for exciting new products to research and review. He truly enjoys writing for the mobile phone industry and covering devices like the Nokia C2-01 Black is certainly not outside of his comfort zone.