Nip The Power Guzzlers!

Extracting The Maximum Juice Out of Your Battery

Every electronic element on usage over time loses efficiency and power is an indisputable law of nature. But that should not deter us from taking measures to ensure an enhanced level of performance throughout the usage period.

Laptop batteries fall into the above category. While over the years various leaps have made in laptop technologies, making them compact and slimming them down to a mind boggling 14 mm, laptop batteries have always remained that niggle which props up at regular intervals to trip us. The industry is still looking for that transcendental leap which can change the dynamics of the laptop manufacturing process.
In the meantime, here are some simple, implementable, efficient and highly functional tips that can extend the battery life temporarily.

1. Dim your screen

The screen backlight is a power guzzler when it comes to the different components of a laptop and turning down the brightness will help keep the battery icon filled. While you can always manually increment or decrement your brightness, it’s recommended you put a system in place.

  • Go to power options from the control panel
  • Select modify/change power settings.
  • Select “Change advanced power settings.”
  • Select the display tab, and then switch to display brightness
  • Type in a percentage for on battery
  • Try adjusting the brightness levels to figure out the lowest, while still not compromising on your viewing experience.

There are several software’s which either come preloaded (ex. Toshiba eco utility) or ones available online for free download which help configuring the settings if the above process overwhelms you.

2. Avoid emptying the battery

There’s solid logic behind why the critical level for batteries is maintained at 5%.
While running down your battery empty once or twice will hardly cause any major damage, sustained behavior will certainly shorten the lifespan and your batteries overall efficiency.

Most present day laptops though come with the ability to shut down the laptop well before battery extinguishes.

3. Defrag Regularly

A well performing laptop generally functions more efficiently and economically.

Regular defragmentation helps to arrange data more efficiently hence enabling the hard drive to work faster and under less demand. The smoother is the hard drive operation, the lesser is the power consumption and the better is the performance extracted.

4. Be Cool

Heat slowly but surely chips away at your battery life. A laptop functions with greater grace when cool. The hotter the PC gets, the longer the fans have to spin to keep it cool. Ensure the vents are unblocked at all points. Avoid using the laptop on a pillow or cushion.
Regularly clean your vents with a cloth, keyboard cleaner or a can of compressed air (recommended).

5.Hibernate not standby

While placing your computer on standby helps save power and resume from where you left off ,  Hibernating a will completely shut it down while saving the actual state of your PC, thus offering considerable gains in power saved.

In the standby mode the storage remains active thus still drawing on power causing unnecessary wastage of battery life.

6. Smaller niggles

Shutting off your screen saver, disabling unneeded hardware, avoid multimedia (esp.DVD and blue ray ) and staying allergic to multitasking are some another alternatives in your fight to squeeze out that last drop of your battery life.

The author of this blog post, Priti Juneja, loves to write on topics related to technology. Her knowledge of various gadgets and devices has made her company one of the leading Computer Repair Services in Mumbai.