Spreading the Word with Newsletter Software for Windows

Emails have changed the way we communicate in both our personal and our business lives. Email offers an ideal way to get news and other crucial information out to the people who need it and, as it only goes to those who opt in or subscribe, you can be sure it’s well targeted.

It is still possible to maintain an email list by hand. Some email clients allow you to create and sort your contact lists and you could even keep a text file of addressees and copy them into the ‘to’ field every time you want to send your email. When your lists gets beyond a certain scale however, they can become virtually unmanageable.

Good Windows-based email newsletter software can greatly simplify and improve the process. It will help with every aspect from creating and managing your lists to designing and delivering the actual newsletters and tracking the success of the whole process.

Your list is an important resource and using the correct software will allow you to automate and streamline its management. Recipients who choose to unsubscribe can be automatically removed and you can also avoid sending duplicate mails.

Bounced emails and inactive addresses should also be noted. Segmentation is another important aspect. By sorting your list according to individuals who meet given criteria, you can further target your newsletters so that they can be personalised or sent to the correct demographic.

You’ll also want your newsletter to look attractive and professional. Email marketing and newsletter software allows you to choose from a wide range of templates, to save and edit existing copy and to import from other sources.

You can also play around with the structure and to add images but you should be aware of certain issues regarding how the mail will display in various email client browsers. It’s certainly possible to customise your newsletters but they should generally be kept simple and optimised to display correctly in a wide range of email clients and on smartphones and other mobile devices.

It’s also important to be able to track the success of a particular mail-out or ongoing campaign. Your software should allow you to track the receipt of your newsletter and whether or not each individual email was opened.

You can also track actions such as click-throughs to your website, helping you to make any adjustments required before your next newsletter goes out.