New Privacy Software from PC Pitstop

PC Pitstop (the makers of PC Matic) have a new product that they just launched called PC Magnum. They are calling PC Magnum a privacy tool. The reason that this product exists is because Windows is storing gobs of personal information about you, your browsing habits, and loads of other personal information. For example, every web site that you visit for months and sometimes years is stores in your browsing history. There is also a less detailed history of your browsing that can be determined through your cookies. The internet cache stores tons of images from many of these web sites including Facebook. On top of all of this, Windows also keeps a record of many of the documents that you are editing and viewing. This includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even simple PDF files.

They designed PC Magnum to make it abundantly clear all of the personal information that is stored on your computer and simplify the process for removing this same information. They are even able to categorize each web site (identified in the browser history) into one of 82 different categories such as pornography and online gambling.

PC Magnum also uses the same sophisticated scheduling technology that we use in all of our products including PC Matic and Optimize – making it easy to set up regular automated cleaning.  Here’s a screen shot of PC Magnum after doing a scan on my laptop (click to enlarge):