New Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse

447 Microsoft is soon to release the ‘Comfort Desktop 5000’ keyboard & mouse, which has special (or ‘Smart’) features for Windows 7. Microsoft has designed and manufactured excellent hardware over the years. I have owned several different type of MS pointing devices from the old wired 2-button mouse, to a trackball to the new wireless laser mice.

I still own two MS Office keyboards, which I love to use. They had a few extra shortcut/function buttons and a built in scroll wheel. You can probably still find them on eBay; that’s where I found mine.

However, they are not ergonomically designed like the new Comfort Desktop 5000, which incorporates a slight 6 degree curve of the layout of the keys to reduce wrist strain. I am not a touch typist by any means, so I don’t know if I would notice the difference, but for those that slave over a keyboard every day, this just may be the keyboard for you.

You can read more about the features of the Comfort Desktop 5000 in this Microsoft PressPass:
”Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 Makes Everyday Tasks Easier with Smart Features for Windows 7”