My Computer Is Broken! What Now?

frustrated_woman_pcAs a gamer I spend a lot of my free time perched in front of my desk top having a whale of a time. My favourite games to play include Slenderman and Minecraft so I am far from being a die-hard game; for me it is all about having fun. Like many others I am not technically minded so when problems go wrong with my PC it certainly stresses me out. I have very little cash and when it comes to the insides of my desktop I have no idea what I am doing.

As a gamer I have found myself getting more comfortable sorting out software issues. I know my way around the control panel and the C drive and I even help out friends who have a hard time installing things or who want to fiddle around with speakers or graphics cards. Yet anything beyond this is out of my comfort zone. When something critical goes wrong I have to call for back-up and the emergency response unit!

I had an emergency not long ago. My PC was having some major issues after I tried to fiddle around with it and install a modification. I noticed something was amiss when the sound started playing up and the bass sounds stopped working. The whole PC felt like it had some other problems going on but sadly I was unable to fix it myself.

My PC Needed Some Urgent Attention

I was in a bit of a panic. The last thing I wanted was to have to go without having a decent PC for months while I tried to save up for a new one. So I did what had to be done and called a technical specialist to ask for their help. After speaking to the man on the phone he told me it sounded like there was something wrong with the printed circuit board. I had never even heard that term before but luckily the job wasn’t too hard or expensive to get fixed and so I decided to see if he would be able to repair it for me.

Luckily the printed circuit board wasn’t in too bad a state and it could be repaired.  The guys who fixed it were also able to help me with a few other issues and get my PC back in a suitable running order. As soon as it was sorted out I treated myself to a massive gaming session spanning long into the early hours of the morning. It played beautifully, sounded fantastic and I even had a lag free session which is something that I always appreciate.

Don’t Panic – Your PC is Most Likely Repairable

Being a gamer doesn’t mean you have the skills to go delving into the casing of your PC casing and begin fiddling around with wires or circuit boards. I was lucky this time as no permanent damage was done and the specialist said that they only had to do a bit of soldering and the sound returned.  My advice to you is don’t mess about with what you don’t understand. I spent countless hours trying to go into the sound settings to see if I could fix it. However, if in doubt call in the professionals as it will save you time and heartache. The other thing to remember is often that issues with your PC can often be sorted out by a specialist so don’t panic and throw yours in the recycling before you get it checked out.

Ian Appleton is a blogger who recommends contacting a technical specialist if you are having problems with your computer. Often the problem is fixable by trained specialists like those which you can contact through