Meet an MVP: Rich Simpson


Rich Simpson

Rich Simpson, or “Old Rich” as he calls himself online, is a 2014 awardee in the Windows Expert-Consumer category. This is his first award, so congratulations, Rich! He is retired from a major International Oil and Gas company after 40 years in International Finance.

1. Rich, please tell us a little about yourself.

I am currently living in Katy, Texas, just outside Houston. Moved here from Moscow when I retired in 2002. When I retired, I was in Management, but previously worked in various locations around the world in various Financial and Administrative roles.

2. Since you are a senior, computers and the Internet are fairly new to you. Tell us about some of your earliest devices and how you got involved in technology.

The first “technology” I used was a “Dragnet Machine” which sorted punch cards and produced economic reports on production and cost of various properties. When I moved into the International side of the company, we had portable devices that let us transmit data from telephones via analog modems that attached to telephone handsets or at times, hardwiring into available telephone lines in Hotels.

Thru the years, we progressed thru various “luggable” pc’s and finally to Laptops. By the time I retired, we were using Satellite phones that let us communicate from anywhere in the world!

In most subsidiaries I had technical staff that managed the systems, but when I started consulting, I had to develop the expertise so that we could communicate and move data. I started at a College level course in Networking and slowly progressed from there.

It was while I was learning the technology that I started using the various forums to supplement the classroom with real life problem solving.

3. How did you come to be awarded as an MVP? Tell us your thoughts when you received the email!

I have been active on various Forums, most recently Tech Support Forum, first as member, then as a Moderator and now as Administrator. I am also on the Sysnative forum staff. I was aware of the MVP program and was frankly astonished when I got the email telling me of the award. I had been nominated previously but had given up hope of an award. It was a very pleasant surprise!

4. Where do you spend most of your time online and what areas of Windows technology particularly interest you?

Much of my time online is devoted to administrative issues with the site, but I still get satisfaction from helping members who have problems. Networking is my favorite, but I enjoy helping with Operating Systems and Hardware as well.

5. Finally, what do you enjoy doing when you are offline?

Both my wife and I spent most of our careers outside the US so we are spending a lot of time seeing as much of this wonderful country as we can. With 8 grandkids in the area, a lot of our time is devoted to helping their parents and the kids. I continue to do some consulting and serve on a few corporate Boards as a director or advisor.

Thanks, Rich!