Microsoft Windows MVP Award for 2009

mvp_award2009The MVP award seeks to recognise the valuable input received from communities which seek to improve how Microsoft operates. Although my advice and opinion can range from how to find O2 broadband to best suit you, to reviewing innovative software such as the latest Windows 7 tablet releases, I have always had a particular interest in Windows, and other Microsoft products. In working alongside Microsoft as an independent source of feedback, I am able to help contribute towards future product improvements.

I have continued to be an avid user of computer technology, and am always keen to try the latest products on the market. My aim is to give honest and accurate reviews that will help others who are considering using such software. WindowsTalk has allowed to me to reach people all over the world, and has provided a useful platform for communication with other computer customers
Once again, I am happy to announce that Microsoft has awarded me their “Most Valuable Professional” (MVP) award for 2009 in the “Windows Desktop Experience” category. I first received this award back in October of 2003 and every subsequent year since, mainly due to my activity in helping Windows users in online communities and through WindowsTalk.

Thanks Microsoft! 🙂

There are about 4000 MVPs worldwide in many different areas of technology. To learn more about the MVP program, see the MVP site here: