Microsoft News You Can Use (Oct. 12 2014)

Windows 10 isn’t the only exciting news to come out of Redmond recently. Here are four more Consumer tech related items that may be of interest to you:

Introducing a new way to share files with Outlook Web App

Perhaps you use the Outlook Web App at your place of work (as I do). Now when you send files to others, instead of having to open the attachment, make edits and then send the document back to you, everyone can simply open the document directly from the link and make edits in a single draft. Find out how by clicking the link above.

Creativity Untethered: The New Adobe Creative Cloud on Surface Pro 3

Adobe Illustrator CC on Surface Pro 3

Adobe Illustrator CC on Surface Pro 3

Go install the latest version of Illustrator CC (there is a free 30-day trial) on your Surface Pro 3 today and see what happens when you pull off the keyboard. There is a transformational new experience here, and the folks at the Surface Blog think you are going to love it. now supports sharing your larger files from OneDrive

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that OneDrive now supports up to 10 GB files. With OneDrive built right into, you can take full advantage of this by storing your large photos, documents and videos in OneDrive, and then share them securely with using the Share from OneDrive feature.

Share Your Photos, Not Your Phone

Today, with the release of Xim, a free app for Windows Phones and Android phones, and coming soon to iPhones, sharing just got easier. This new technology enhances social interactions and experiences by enabling nearly effortless photo sharing, be it face-to-face or in a remote setting.