A Major Update for MP3jam.org

MP3jam.org, free MP3 software to find, play & download music has released a major update.

Using a wide variety of hashtags you can now search music by:

  • genre (#rock, #country, or even not so popular #lounge or #gothic),
  • year (#60s, #70s, #80s),
  • mood (#fun, #melancholy, #romantic),
  • country (#french, #american, #british),

and much more.

Their hashtags are based on last.fm meta data. This means you can take any tag from last.fm, append it with #, enter in MP3jam and get your custom music playlist. This is a great way to discover music when you don’t know exactly what artist or song you’d like to listen to. You can then play all suggested songs online and download them in MP3 format.

Hashtag functionality is characteristic to social networking websites, yet is unique to music download software as of today.  It is available for download here: http://www.mp3jam.org/