The Most Beneficial Software Across Various Industries

business technologyIn the technology industry we’re finding more and more of the “the next big…” hitting the market aiming to make our lives easier. Whether it’s an all-singing all-dancing coffee machine that doesn’t just make the perfect cappuccino, but delivers it to you in bed each morning; or a piece of software that takes away hours of painstaking paperwork, we here the phrase all the time.

But the question has to be asked, just what is the point of a lot of these releases? The simple answer to many is that the company needs a gimmick, a USP that helps them to overcome the competition, reach a new audience, and crack the tech space forever – a bit like a certain fruit-based brand with their musical device a few years ago…

While many of the latest releases into the technology fail to make the desired impact on our lives proving to be nothing more than expensive novelty items that get put to the back of the cupboard in a matter of weeks; others have a great impact on our lives.

A fine example of this is the aforementioned music device from the fruit-themed manufacturer, (to those not quite understanding, I’m talking about the iPod from Apple). MP3 players were around for a fair few years without ever really taking the world by storm, and then along came the iPod and pretty much everyone has one.

A lot of the most influential developments in recent years have actually been designed for the commercial technology sectors, allowing businesses to do their work much more efficiently and effectively saving both time and money. To show some examples, here are three software packages that have made a huge difference to the ways different industries can work:

Document Management

Document management software has proven to be a Godsend in industries such as construction, allowing firms to manage all of their projects digitally as opposed to sending paperwork from the head office to the site that could be hundreds of miles away. In the past, it was necessary for project managers to sign different documents to state that a stage of the process had been completed according to regulations, and doing this via paperwork and post took weeks making the process grind to a halt. Using document management software, however, things can be done electronically and within hours you could be making progress.

Scheduling Software

With customers ringing businesses for all kinds of reasons, it’s important that their order, query or complaint is handled professionally and efficiently. Too many times people will ring a business and the call is “logged”, but very little is done other than entering the details into the system for someone to “deal with it later.” With field service resource scheduling, however, you have the opportunity to select the adequate response to the nature of the call, allocating the essential people, booking rooms and ensuring materials are available to deal with the task whether it’s a major issue or a relatively minor one.


Putting satellites into space has helped us in a variety of ways, from beaming television shows around the world to helping keep a close eye on what’s going on. In recent years the motoring industry has taken advantage of satellite technology, using them to help navigate and also to locate. Satellite navigation systems have been around for a fair few years now, directing drivers to their destinations; and similar technology is used in GPS tracking software. Fitted to the vehicle – usually a HGV – the fleet manager can keep a close eye on where their drivers are so that they can report that to the client awaiting their arrival, or to tell the police where the vehicle is in the event that it is stolen.
Image credit: nexusplexus / 123RF Stock Photo