Monitor Entire Desktop Activity with Kernel Computer Activity Monitor Software

Keeping a check on user’s computer activities on their separate desktops is not an easy task to do. Other than maintaining logs and keeping records, keeping an eye on every employee out of thousands can get unmanageable at times. There are several theft or misuse cases of organization’s personal information. Usage of pen drives, sharing official information, playing online games, chatting, web surfing or doing personal work in office has increased with the growing number of organizations.

Finding one good software that takes care of entire process is a bit time taking and gruesome. Out of so many products available in the market with different performance promises, it gets difficult to choose a perfect one for yourself. I trust on Kernel Computer Activity Monitor software by Lepide software Pvt Ltd. Other than being user-friendly and very easy to use, the product has its own amazing set of features:

  • Effectively takes snapshots at regular intervals, get history of accessed applications, view all internet activities, record every key stroke and copy-paste action
  • Keeps a track of password typed by the user
  • Notifies the administrator of every print and email activity
  • Automatically delivers the recorded logs to the email account at specific intervals
  • Lets the user schedule the application and monitor the records for entire day
  • It repeatedly clears the log and saves the storage space
  • Visually eye-catching and easy to use interface
  • Prevents unauthorized access to the application by setting the access password

Computer Activity Monitor software takes screenshots of target computer at given intervals and lets the administrator define the maximum size of each snapshot. Suppose, an employee is not performing well in office and he spends his entire time in doing some freelance work or web surfing, taking a snapshot of what he does instead of work might help you in confirming his abilities.

Moreover, the Kernel Computer activity Monitor software displays the entire internet activity of the user. The number of websites visited, how many times and for how long was a person surfing that particular website, time of visit, browser details, etc along with the user name. It also lets the administrator view history of accessed applications, time of opening-closing, launched by user name, how long was the person accessing it and executable path information.

The unique feature of this software is the ability to track which words/alphabets an employee typed. The software keeps a check on keystrokes and creates a log of each key pressed. Every letter that an employee types, is noted down and sent to the administrator or the required personnel. This method keeps a check on theft or bad usage of resources being provided.

This is very useful software to record online, offline or any kind of activity done on computer. The software supports Windows 2010, 2007, Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, 98, 95, and NT operating system and can be easily trusted. If you have any doubts regarding this software feel free to download its trial version from the official website. Although, the trial version works similar to the complete software, but the screenshots are blurred and user cannot deliver these logs to specified email account in trial edition.

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