Microsoft and NFL Kickoff New Deal for Xbox One

Microsoft is working hard to transform the Xbox One from a traditional gaming system to a more inclusive media center. A new deal involving the NFL is sure to take the tech company far in such endeavors. According to the recent announcement of a multiyear agreement between Microsoft and the NFL, fans will enjoy the ability to do everything from accessing real-time game highlights to chatting with other fans via Skype. The ultimate result will be a viewing experience that is far richer than what has been available in the past — plus a greater emphasis on technology among coaches and athletes.

How Does The Xbox-NFL Deal Benefit Fans?

The joining of forces between Microsoft and the NFL is truly a boon for the dedicated football fan, simply because it enriches the entire experience. Those taking part in fantasy football teams will be able to check out real-time fantasy updates, making it easier to keep tabs on their players. Athletic statistic buffs will enjoy instant updates to all the stats concerning their favorite players and teams. And those unable to get to the television in time for the big game don’t need to worry — watching is available from the tablet and infused with such extras as real-time access to game highlights. Whether on the sideline, in the living room or stuck waiting in line at the doctor, there is no longer an excuse for missing essential football games! Keep in mind, however, that games do not stream directly from the Xbox One console to the television. For this reason, viewers will still want to obtain cable packages through and other such providers.

How Does The Xbox-NFL Deal Benefit Football Teams?

Football players stand to gain nearly as much from the recent Xbox-NFL collaboration as those cheering them on from the sidelines. The partnership will offer the NFL enhanced access to various Microsoft solutions, thus improving on-field communication for coaches and players. And with the recent inclusion of tablets on the sidelines, football teams will have access to feedback that is far more useful than whatever is afforded through those outdated three-ring binders. The teams with the greatest potential to benefit from this deal are those willing to embrace the use of new technology both on and off the field.

How Does The Xbox-NFL Deal Benefit Microsoft?

While providing a better fan experience remains the chief goal behind Microsoft striking a deal with the NFL, the company still stands to gain plenty from this development. In an age in which iPads and iPhones dominate the market, Microsoft seeks to gain an edge over the ubiquitous Apple in any manner possible. One method of achieving this involves the expansion of the Xbox One into an all-inclusive form of technology. Instead of being limited to gaming and Blu-ray playback, the new version of the Xbox will be a full-range media center through which users can engage in a wide range of activities. The NFL-Microsoft merger means just one more way in which the Xbox is able to capitalize on its plans for to become the ultimate all-around media provider.

The implications of the recent NFL-Microsoft partnership are just beginning to come to light. This deal has the potential to greatly alter the way athletes play and fans view football — for the better!