Microsoft Word Defects & Shortcomings Every User Should Know

Microsoft Word is the most popular and widely-used word processing program. It is used by individuals and companies for creating a wide range of documents, from personal musings to letters to essays to reports to novels. In addition to putting words together, you can add images, graphs, and more. There are so many features and capabilities in Word that it’s hard to imagine needing any other processing program. In fact it may be the only program from the Microsoft Office Suite that many people ever use.

All the great features of Microsoft Word and the ease of using them are what make it so loved by all. It is an incredibly user-friendly program. While there are so many advantages to using Word, it’s worth it to consider the disadvantages, too. Even the most popular program will have some negative aspects about it. To many people, these cons won’t make a difference. They’ll still use and enjoy Microsoft Word. But if you’re interested, here are some of the disadvantages to Word to think about.


Auto-formatting on Word can be incredibly difficult to deal with sometimes. It is very inflexible and will hold your document to all the rigid rules of the format you select or create. If you are auto-formatting it can sometimes seem impossible to alter your document the way you want it, and it can be maddeningly frustrating to even make a minor tweak. If you’re very particular about how your document looks and want the ability to change it as needed, avoid using auto-format.

Cost and Capabilities

If you need to purchase a word processor, Microsoft Word is comparatively very expensive. Because wide-spread use makes it almost essential to have, and because it has an incredible range of capabilities, Word justifies charging a lot. If you only need to do some simple typing, you could easily go with a simpler, less expensive word processing program.


Unfortunately, there are a lot of different versions of Microsoft Word, and they aren’t very compatible with each other. Mainly the problem lies in that documents created in the newest version of Word may not open properly in older versions, especially if you are using a format only available in the newer version. Your document might look differently than you intend it to, and this could pose a problem for something like sending your resume to a potential employer who uses a different version of Word or a different word processor altogether.

Big Files

Microsoft Word has a lot of hidden coding that inflates the size of your documents to much larger than they really need to be. Your documents will take up more space than necessary on your computer and in your emails.

Grammar Checker and Thesaurus

The Microsoft Word grammar checker is not extremely good at its job. It will often flag sentences that are perfectly fine, or miss other glaring and obvious mistakes completely. While it can sometimes helpfully catch an error, you absolutely cannot rely on Word to proofread your grammar. In addition, the thesaurus is limited, and it doesn’t always offer you the best suggestions for synonyms.

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