Microsoft Releases Office Web Apps Upgrades

This is an important time of year of Microsoft as it comes out with the brand new Windows 8 OS and the latest upgrades to its productivity suite. The new Office Web Apps are out and ready to be used by everyone on SkyDrive and The latest versions of the Office Web Apps have also been modified to work perfectly with the latest Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 and iOS 6.

The Office Web Apps preview had first gone live in July and has since been fine-tuned and improved with the help of user and expert feedback and requests of over 750,000 testers. Microsoft told the world in a blogposts that the web editions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote are all going to witness important changes to do with design and formatting.

With Web Apps you can access your Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations directly from any browser exactly where you left them. Your work is saved till the last letter and you can take it up from where you left, thanks to office’s syncing capabilities.

The design features and the modern clean look that Microsoft is now espousing with Windows 8 echo throughout the Office Web Apps. Among the new improvements is an improved device support, touch-friendly editing capabilities for tablets, advanced formatting controls and the ability to collaborate across the web apps. Office users can now access all their documents on a single browser where they can also work together with anyone from anywhere.

In the Word Web App, you’ll notice changes in the quality of graphics and images and the structure of the layout. A new feature is the support for both adding and viewing comments. Users will now be able to design and format documents straight from any browser using the well-recognized and much appreciated Word features like photo tools and word count and word layout tools.

The Web version of PowerPoint will have improved collaboration over SkyDrive with added comment support. Users will be able to co-author presentations. Whether you use the PowerPoint Web App from your tablet or your smartphone, video and audio playback will now be supported. Your presentations will look just as well as they do on the desktop with high-resolution slides and complete transitions. There are also various new editing features like image insertion, ability to apply animations and the ability to polish the look of your presentation by changing its theme.

The Excel Web App offers increased functionality when working with spreadsheets. It is as simple as working on a desktop with new features now available like auto-fit columns, context menus, merge cells, formula assistance and AutoSum. Other functions that were previously limited to the desktop can now be accessed on the web like in-browser printing and 3D charts.

Microsoft’s further increases the OneNote Web App’s usability by adding the search option to look for what you need on any page and even within sections. You can simply click anywhere on the screen to enter a note, tag or a picture. Sharing of your notes is now possible in various ways including in URL form with the ability to view them from a browser on your PC or a mobile device. You can get to much more information on the internet than earlier through OneNote with the ink-viewing support.

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