Training Resources For Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is surely one of the most popular applications ever created and most people use it every day. There are plenty of amazing features such as word processing, publishing as well as creating entire databases!

However, if you’re new to these programs there’s a lot for you to learn and you may end up being stumped. Therefore, there are plenty of amazing resources to help you out such as:

Online Training Tutorials

There are plenty of websites that offer you both free and paid tutorials. When you take a look at these tutorials you would notice that a few offer just a basic introduction whereas the others give you all the help you need to become a master of the application.

Bulletin Boards and Forums

Everyone loves a little help every now and then and that’s the reason there are plenty of bulletin boards and forums set up. If you’re looking for any specific kind of help you could always use a search engine to find out exactly what you need.

Moreover, if you’re just beginning Microsoft office you should make it a point to join some forum as then you would be able to help others too! Why not help others with what you know when the others are helping you out?

CD’s to help you out

There are plenty of helpful CD’s and DVD’s packed with tutorials to help you out. Of course there are a few that are free, but most are paid. However, most of the best tutorial agencies offer free CD’s with the basics with the hope that you would want to buy the others for further help.

Check out University websites

Most of the universities across the globe have tutorials on their websites in order to guide both staff as well as their students with the most common applications. These of course would be detailed and hence would be able to guide you with the more advanced features as they’d assume that their students know the basics of the program.

Check out the Microsoft Web Help Portal

One of the first places that you should turn to if at all you have a few problems is the Microsoft web portal itself. They have plenty of tutorials on all the features present and you shouldn’t have any kind of problem when it comes to understanding them. However, you should have basic knowledge regarding the software in order to understand these tutorials.

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