Microsoft Office 2013: Stay with the Times

Most offices and homes have some version of Microsoft Office installed on them. As Office 2013 hits the shelves, why should you upgrade when what you have now is working just fine? Aside from a new look and features, Office 2013 has been designed with today’s technology and services.

  1.   Cloud Integration – Office 2013 has built-in capabilities for SkyDrive and SharePoint. This allows for moving and sharing files through the Cloud in order to access them from anywhere that has an active Internet connection.
  2.   Device Synchronization – Whether you are using documents on a PC or a tablet, you can synchronize the files across devices. Work you completed on one computer can be ready for you on another.
  3.   PDF – Not only will you be able to save files as PDFs, but Office 2013 can edit the actual PDF without having to convert it to a DOC or DOCX file. All of the PDF’s original structure is maintained and unaltered when using Word to edit the file.
  4.   Charts – For those of you who develop regular charts in Excel, the feature is promoted to be much easier to manage in Office 2013. A new preview and data window can assist anyone in choosing the best style and information that is needed for the chart.
  5.   Touchscreen – Have you ever used a touchscreen monitor or PC tablet and had to move down the document using the scroll bar? It can be a quite a difficult task depending on the device you’re using. Office 2013 has support for touchscreens that allows you to scroll the document like you would a website on a tablet. Simply touch the document anywhere and slide your finger up to scroll the document.
  6.   Lacks Support – Unlike its predecessor, Office 2013 apparently doesn’t support XP and Vista users. Unless you want to upgrade your XP machine, which could also entail new hardware for Windows requirements, you’ll have to stick with 2010 and earlier versions of the software. However, upgrading your computer is probably an ideal situation all-around if you want to stay current with today’s technology.

Keeping current with technology can be a full-time job at times. Microsoft Office 2013 brings features and functions that can simplify office life and make sharing documents easier than ever. When it comes to daily living, it’s all about efficiency and instant gratification. Office 2013 brings us one more step closer to both.

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